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Lex Engineering Ltd. was established in 1979 as a small professional electrical engineering company in Kamloops, BC. Lex moved to the Vancouver area in the early 1980’s. In 2013 Lex expanded, opening a second office in Canmore, Alberta to have a presence in Alberta’s markets, allowing Lex to better serve its existing Alberta clients. As of April 2015, Lex joined the Quanta Services Group of companies, allowing Lex to pool its resources and have access to additional services. In 2016 Lex relocated to Burnaby, BC in 2016 order to work closely with their sister company, Allteck Line Contractors, and collaborate on exciting new projects and opportunities, while still maintaining our Lex’s independence and entrepreneurial culture.


To provide the finest electrical engineering services in the utility, forest, oil & gas, mining, manufacturing, institutional, transportation and construction industries.  Our work reflects our commitment to professional integrity and long-term client relationships.  We combine our many years of experience with the latest technologies to provide the best-engineered solution.


To be the best we can be by acquiring and retaining reputable staff and building leadership within our teams.  To always be prepared and vigilant while making a positive difference in the results for our clients


Lex Engineering strives to conduct business in a manner that befits the engineering profession. Lex shall endeavour to maintain a level of competency and integrity that will protect the safety of the public while adhering to the rule of law. Furthermore, Lex adheres to the code of ethics as set out by the engineering associations in each of the provinces and territories it practices engineering.

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